Acceleration: Powered by the Global Silicon Valley

Elevate the growth and execution of your startup with our 15 week accelerator programs in Bangalore or Gurgaon and Silicon Valley.

We believe that Silicon Valley is more than a location - its a mindset, an aspiration to push boundaries and create new frontiers. Its a commitment to achieve one's full potential in tackling the worlds hairiest problems. BC-GSV lives this culture everyday and offers the guidance, resources and tools for your venture to imbibe the same.

Intensive Program

Each cohort has access to a world-class start up program that assembles the best practices extracted from the best minds and ventures the world has seen. We believe this to be an essential part of the foundation upon which the BC-GSV accelerator program is built.

Intimate Mentorship

You would get to have a dedicated mentor throughout the program and beyond to help you move through the program. Our mentors will not just be flies on the wall, but will remain heavily involved in your development process as you grow and scale your business. Online and offline engagement tools ensure that you get the advice you need when you need it.

Valuable Networking

Sometimes who you know can be as important as what you do, so we ensure that the former is addressed. Beyond our vast network, connect with other innovators through our community programs and thought leadership events throughout the program.

Community Support

Our vibrant community will serve as a catalyst for motivation, ideas, and progress as you make your way through the program. Engage and learn from some of the brightest minds in India and abroad.

Funding Access

As a part of the program, we would invest media marketing budget into your company. This media cash will help you promote your brand across Times Group properties and help reach out to audience. Being selected as a BC-GSV candidate makes you immediately visible to the investors on our network, including but not limited to Brand Capital and GSV Capital. Our program is designed to prepare you for external funding and facilitate timely investor engagement.


You will have a workspace, for up to 3 team members, and share common office facilities with your peers.

Skin in the Game

We take equity in each participating venture, in exchange for the benefits made available through the BC-GSV platform. Your success is our success.

Partner Support

Participating ventures will have access to the deep expertise, networks and a bouquet of free software credits and services offered by our partners.

Applications to the next class are now open

Our Partners

We aim to partner with the best at what they do, in mutually rewarding constructs.